DeMarcus Cousins and Airbnb
January 2019

Basketball star DeMarcus Cousins relocates to the Bay Area with Airbnb

Meet Airbnb’s newest guest

Moving for a new job can be stressful. And being away from home on work trips for days on end can start to feel downright lonesome. So when DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins, the 6’11”, four-time All-Star, chose to join the nation’s reigning league champs for the 2018-19 season, he set his mind to finding comfort for himself, his staff, and his family during his cross-country relocation to California. Looking for a home with ample room for everyone to be together, Cousins turned to Airbnb for his move to the Oakland area.

DeMarcus Cousins moves with Airbnb

We travel a lot and being stuck in a small hotel is nerve-racking, so I'd rather just be in a home and be comfortable. Airbnb presents that opportunity for me.

– DeMarcus Cousins

Room for everyone

Maintaining a sense of home life during times of transition is important to Cousins. And after a long day of work, he looks forward to coming together with family and friends as the perfect way to wind down. Airbnb makes that possible, he says. In the evenings, he has the space and opportunity to welcome those close to him, strengthening bonds during a challenging relocation.


DeMarcus with his friends

Man, it feels good to be home.

A roomy home with spare bedrooms allowed friends, family, and staff, like his personal security detail, Antjuan, and his personal chef, Chef E, to comfortably stay close by. For Cousins, the advantage of staying in a spacious home during his relocation was unbeatable.


Keeping that healthy lifestyle

The only thing better than room for all your loved ones could be the comforting smell of a home-cooked meal as you walk through your front door. But it can be tough eating right when you’re traveling for work or in the middle of relocating to a new city. For a professional athlete like Cousins, maintaining a healthy regimen is important, so staying in a place with a kitchen was key. After a demanding day of practice, Cousins was able to head home to his Airbnb in the hills just outside of Oakland, ready to refuel with homemade goodness from Chef E.


Cousin's in the kitchen with Chef E

The advantages of staying in an Airbnb is having my chef, doing his thing, and having a well-balanced diet, so I can go out and do what I do best.

In an airy Airbnb kitchen, Chef E was able to whip up Cousins’ favorite meals on the fly, which his personal security detail, Antjuan, helped put down. Home-cooked meals allowed Cousins to maintain his healthy lifestyle and stay on track for the season.


New city. New court. Still feels like home.

Now that Cousins has settled in to his spacious Airbnb in the Golden State, he’s ready to shoot some hoops and have some fun.

Whether you’re a professional ball player relocating to a new team or moving for your dream job in Spokane, Washington, Airbnb is sure to have a perfect place for you to kick off your new adventure in style. And if you’re looking for resolutions in the new year, let good eating, comfort, and keeping friends and family close be three of them. Either way, we hope you’ll join us in cheering for Boogie this season.

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