Relocation & Extended Stays

CRM Group finds a healthier lifestyle with Airbnb for Work


When teams of archeologists from Cultural Resource Management (CRM) Group travel to work sites in Canada to look for archeological evidence, they’re away for weeks or even months at a time. That makes staying in a hotel a bit of a challenge (and less than ideal). They need to be close to the site, but they’re also looking for places to stay that let them settle in and enjoy a normal healthy lifestyle, while keeping costs down.

The Solution

Staying healthy by eating right can be difficult without a kitchen. One CRM team member even used a skillet in a hotel bathroom, which was “not a good decision,” she says. Staying on track with their assignment is also hard when they’re driving a long way to the site every day. Airbnb for Work removed those challenges with places closer to work sites, equipped kitchens, and extra space to work and relax at the end of the day.

If I could book with Airbnb every time I would. It just makes it easier for me to be away. I have a place to cook, and a place to do my work.

—Sarah Ingram, Staff Archaeologist for CRM Group


For the CRM teams using Airbnb for Work, long trips away from home have gone from challenging stays where restaurant food and tight quarters were the norm, to home-cooked meals enjoyed in open and comfortable spaces closer to work sites. As a result, they say they’re:

  • Healthier because they’re eating better
  • More productive because they’re closer to their work
  • Saving money on travel costs