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Remote web agency, Cro Metrics replaces in-person gatherings with Airbnb Online Experience for virtual offsites

Employees around the world participate in a variety of classes and workshops for creative and interactive outlet.


Already a 100% distributed company, with employees throughout every time zone in the US, Cro Metrics CEO Chris Neumann and Head of People Ops Jill Mendoza had to rethink how to create their bi-annual, highly anticipated in-person “all hands” meeting during quarantine. “We had six weeks to plan a virtual offsite.  We usually use our in-person meetings to reset our team and company culture.  We’ve always been a distributed team so these in-person meetings are extremely important for the company,” says Jill Mendoza, Head of People Ops. CEO, Chris Neumann was familiar with Airbnb Online Experiences from listening to one of Brian Chesky’s podcasts. “Brian Cheskey has been a key influence on our culture at Cro Metrics. We constantly think about how we can make our own clients’ online experience working with us “7 Star,” a term we borrowed from Chesky.” Chris brought the idea to Jill and thus began the start of a new type of offsite.

Offsite planning process

Jill started searching for Airbnb Online Experience options for the team.  With so many to choose from, she decided to create a theme for each day: Day 1 – Mindfulness; Day 2 – Creativity.  She then focused on identifying nine online experiences that would cater to a diverse team and personal interests.  She selected the following options for employees to choose from.  Each online experience hosted 10-12 employees, with some employees participating in multiple online experiences.

Airbnb Online Experiences chosen:

I’d highly recommend Online Experiences to companies and individuals.  I’ve browsed a couple for myself and recommended some for team members to do personally

– Jill Mendoza, Head of People Operations

The Online Experiences

What stood out for Jill, was the ability to easily search and book for private groups within the company’s date and time requirements.  She reached out to the hosts individually and each was more than accommodating to their needs. Some of the standout moments were the “Van Gogh Find Yourself” Online Experience, described as sketching without judgement.  “I was personally affected by it.  It was very touching.  The connection with the host and their expertise on the subject matter was incredible,” said VP of Business Development Ann Devens.  One employee even decided to take up additional art classes as a result, claiming the Online Experience was “life-changing.” With access to so many different Online Experiences, it really gave the team a chance to do a broader range of activities and create powerful memories and bonding moments.  “Even more so than had we met in person. Especially in this time when gathering face to face isn’t possible, Online Experiences are a nice way to bridge that,” said Ann. The team was also pleasantly surprised by the reasonable price, especially given the quality of the Online Experiences and hosts.

Airbnb Online Experiences for Teams

Airbnb Online Experiences are live, interactive activities including classes, shows and workshops for groups, hosted by experts in their field. Online Experience hosts offer unique and meaningful online gatherings great for teams, families, and individuals to connect, learn and have fun.

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