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On the road again? Tips for feeling at home while traveling for work

Going on a business trip doesn’t have to mean putting the rest of your life on hold.

These days business travelers have options. You can stay in real, comfortable homes and live like a local, even while traveling for work. And by following a few simple tips, you can have far more than just a productive stay.

Whether you’re staying in a home for an extended relocation or just a quick overnight business trip, here are some tips to feel at home while traveling for work.

Get to know the neighborhood

While traditional accommodations might be clustered in a business district or near a convention center, private homes are often located in vibrant, authentic neighborhoods. Explore the area around your home when you’re traveling for work, and you’ll likely discover great local restaurants, independent shops, and hidden hotspots.

Cook what you want, when you want

Make full use of your home’s kitchen, whether you’re rustling up a quick lunch or cooking your favorite dinner. Preparing your own meal can be both healthy and relaxing–and just might save business travelers money over dining out, too.

Work out with the locals

Keep up your exercise routine, even while on the road. Going for a run in a new neighborhood is a great way to explore the area. Or if you prefer yoga or pilates, check out a nearby studio; many have drop-in options for last-minute workouts.

Whether you’re a fitness buff, a foodie, or just someone who appreciates the comforts of home, give these ideas a try on your next work trip. Who knows–soon you might find yourself secretly looking forward to traveling for business.