Cost Savings

Tulane University reduces travel costs with Airbnb for Work

Airbnb-provided training for trip planners helps reduce accommodation costs by 19%


With over 2,000 faculty, students, and staff who travel for work, Tulane University spends millions of dollars per year on faculty trips, study abroad programs, and team and club travel. The university quickly recognized an opportunity to both let their travelers book unique places to stay during their travels and simultaneously cut travel costs.

Tulane has more than 300 people who are responsible for booking trips for others, known as travel delegates. But when the university started using Airbnb for Work, just two of their travel delegates were registered as Airbnb Trip Planners and able to book listings on behalf of others. That meant Tulane was missing opportunities to lower costs.


To reduce travel spending, Tulane needed to help travel delegates better understand how easy it is to book with Airbnb for Work. Partnering with Airbnb, the university developed and delivered training to its travel delegates booking with Airbnb for Work. Tulane set up two webinar sessions, which Airbnb led, then followed up with attendees to answer any questions and help them create their own Airbnb for Work profiles.

During the webinars, attendees learned about the benefits of using the Airbnb for Work dashboard, which helps them track travelers by location, view info on the listings where travelers are staying, and see their department’s average daily rate and cumulative spend.

To lower travel program costs, we wanted to make it easier to use Airbnb for Work. The training allowed us to use Airbnb across multiple departments.

Laney Armstrong, Travel Manager, Tulane University


Tulane immediately saw travel savings. In the following months, the overall average daily rate dropped by 19%, from $59 to $48. Tulane also saw an increase in the number of travel delegates registered as Airbnb Trip Planners, which surged from two to 35. Later, another 100 Tulane employees signed up with Airbnb for Work and they saw an overall 63% increase in traveler adoption.