Relocation & Extended Stays

Tech startup Voxpro takes its vibrant company culture worldwide with Airbnb for Work

Employees at Voxpro get comfort in familiar digs with Airbnb for Work as they travel the world to set up new offices and share their company culture


Building a strong company culture takes time and effort, especially when you’re doing it on a global scale, say the leaders at customer service innovator Voxpro – powered by TELUS International. In the past five years, they sent teams to set up new sites across Europe, Asia, and North America as they expanded from one location to five. Establishing their company values is a top priority, and that starts by making sure the teams that are setting up those sites feel comfortable and at home during long stays abroad.


As a vendor for Airbnb, Voxpro knew a lot about them and was confident they could meet their goals better than traditional hotels, so they started booking stays on Airbnb. Employees not only live in residential areas, they get to maintain a home-like lifestyle, with a kitchen, living room, and places to exercise nearby. The familiarity of staying in the same place booked on Airbnb during repeat visits helps a lot too, they say, especially after a 14-hour flight.

A lot of our team members spend a significant chunk of time in new locations. Airbnb for Work gives them the ability to live for a long period in a very comfortable environment. That’s a huge benefit.

— Dave McCadden, director of communications and public affairs, Voxpro


Setting up and training new employees at expansion sites around the world, Voxpro team members say places booked on Airbnb have helped them:

  • Settle in and get comfortable during stays of up to eight weeks
  • Get to know the local culture as they train new team members on their company values
  • Reduce stress by staying in the same place on repeat visits
  • Cook meals and relax in open spaces at the end of long work days