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Save on business travel around the world

Companies saved an average of 49% a night when their employees booked on Airbnb over traditional hotels.

Based on Airbnb's reservation data and BTN's travel index for hotel reservations in 200 cities globally from January to November 2017. Savings are not guaranteed and vary based on location and room type.*

Savings in US cities

In the US, companies saved an average of 38% a night compared to traditional hotels.

List of savings by cities in the United States

Read the complete US cost comparison (PDF | 259 KB).


Savings in international cities

Internationally, companies saved an average of 54% a night compared to traditional hotels.

List of savings by international cities

Read the complete international cost comparison (PDF | 244 KB).



*Airbnb price data is from actual business travel reservations by guests on the Airbnb platform. Hotel price data is the blended average daily hotel rates from the Business Travel News Corporate Travel Index. Data compared was for January through November of 2017 and Airbnb data was based on reservations for entire homes consisting of one bedroom and studio listings. Amounts used in the calculations excluded occupancy taxes and FX/VAT fees. The global savings (49.4%) were calculated on a weighted average of daily rates by number of nights traveled in US and international locations. Because there was a higher volume of international nights booked, the global average reflects more international savings (54.5%) than US (38.6%). Savings are not guaranteed and will depend on the listing actually booked.

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