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Autodesk and Airbnb: Highlights

Autodesk HQ: San Rafael, California
Headcount: 8,900+ employees worldwide
Travelers: 5,000+
Key to implementation: Airbnb integration with iSOS to satisfy duty of care
Official agreement launched: March 2016
Use cases: Short- and long-term business travel, including attendance at conferences, trade shows, and events; team travel; off-site meetings; training rotations; relocations; site development.
Savings in first year: About $900,000
Savings examples:

  • $83,000 savings from booking a multi-bedroom Airbnb home for a long-term stay, July to November, to move a series of employees through training.
  • $5,000 savings from booking a large Airbnb home for eight members of a team for an offsite meeting.
  • $4,300 savings from booking a three-room Airbnb apartment for three travelers attending an event in San Francisco.
On the to-do list: Working with Autodesk’s strategic meetings manager to officially incorporate Airbnb into their program for small meetings (up to 15 people).

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