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Considering cost vs. comfort

Travel managers are constantly grappling with maintaining travel budgets while satisfying traveler needs.

“Every company is trying to find that balance between supporting travelers, maximizing comfort and flexibility for them, while also controlling costs,” said Alla Neys, Director of Global Travel Programs for Medallia, a company that offers a cloud-based platform to capture customer feedback. With all the variables in a travel program, the ideal is “to find that sweet spot to have all three,” she said. “That’s why we write the policy, release it, look for feedback to see what works and what doesn’t, and then we adjust.”

Added Neys, “Our vision is to create a world where companies are loved by their customers and employees, and we view our travel policy as one small way we can make life productive and easier for our people.” Medallia officially incorporated Airbnb into the company’s travel program in 2016.

Scott Gillespie, CEO at tClara, advises companies to reconsider their approach to cost savings by shifting the focus from seeking savings by using connecting flights to saving travelers from unwanted friction.

“If your policy asks employees to take a connection to save $50,” Gillespie said, “think about what that means to how much time they are spending traveling, instead of working, the increased risks of a missed flight or lost bag, and the frustration your employee will feel as a result.”

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