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Travel industry organizations, publications, and TMCs have all developed resources that can guide you in developing your company travel policy.
  • Business Travel News, an industry publication that has been covering business travel and managed care for more than 30 years, has outlined all the questions to consider when writing a travel policy for the first time in its comprehensive reference guide entitled Establishing a Travel & Expense Policy. There are detailed sections on policy considerations for vendors (accommodation, air, and ground transportation), payment methods, expense reporting and reimbursement, meals and entertainment, and more. The article can be downloaded as a PDF.

  • Sample travel policy templates are available to download from the following sources:  
    • 30SecondsToFly, a software firm that has developed Claire, a corporate travel management system powered by artificial intelligence, offers a straightforward, free travel policy template (gated) that can be downloaded and filled in. The template includes an introduction, contents page, and sections on expense categories, non-reimbursable items, expense reimbursement, and safety.
    • Rocketrip, a B2B travel expense management company, also offers a free travel policy template (gated) that can be downloaded and filled in. The focus is on providing a starting point for managing travel expenses, and the template includes recommended goals, tips on improving compliance, and sections on approval process, expense reporting, reimbursement, and expense guidelines for travel vendors, meals, and entertainment.
  • The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) offers members a variety of courses, webinars, research papers and networking opportunities, including a day-and-a-half course entitled “Fundamentals of Business Travel Management.” The course is designed to provide baseline, formal training to beginners on the basics of travel management and covers travel policy along with supplier relations, safety, travel technology, measuring performance, and more. It’s offered periodically onsite in different locations.

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