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How Box tracked traveler safety with the Airbnb company dashboard

Rachel Ersted, former Treasury Analyst at Box, shared an experience using the company dashboard to keep track of travelers during a storm. Ersted is responsible for managing global travel for about 450 travelers in 12 domestic and international offices.

Rachel Ersted, former Treasury Analyst at Box

“Duty of care is the most important thing for travel at Box. Our security and compliance teams need to be aware of where all of our Boxers are in the case of an emergency. We’ve seen an increased need for this awareness, especially in the last one to two years. The Airbnb for Work dashboard is perfect for this. We had an entire group up in Seattle during a huge rain storm. They hadn't booked in our traditional booking platform, but they did use the Airbnb for Work platform, so I was able to tell the compliance team, ‘This is the group, this is where they are staying, here’s how we get a hold of them—and they are all safe.’”

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