Experiences that bring team members together

Inspire creativity

Find fun and interactive classes and workshops to bond with your team or clients.

Celebrate team milestones

Relax and enjoy concerts or performances to celebrate special moments with your team.

Reward and recognize employees

Acknowledge your teams’ hard work with an experience they can do with friends and family.

Team-building and client events, reimagined

Refresh and recharge

Focus on team health and wellness from guided meditations to workouts hosted by Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Explore online experiences

Explore new cultures

Travel the world from the comfort of your home with local guides and virtual history tours.

Explore online experiences

Collaborate and create

Learn new recipes from locals from around the world.

Explore online experiences

Hosted by experts

Choose from hundreds of pre-vetted and highly reviewed Experience hosts.  Learn from their unique expertise geared towards teams.

Teamwork in action

“We shared the information about Online Experiences in an all-hands call, and within hours we had dozens of people reach out and ask how to get started. There are so many interesting experiences to choose from and everyone’s incredibly excited about it.”

Dave Shull
Former CEO at TiVo

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